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Top 10 Essentials to Pack when you're off on your Travels ...

Obviously you are going to need a few extra bits as well but this is a list of things we think you shouldn’t get on the plane without …

1. A Head Torch - Not the most fashionable of items, but incredibly practical. You have light and both of your hands!

2. A Pashmina (a very pretty scarf) - This actually can become SO much more than a scarf - you have a towel that dries very quickly, a blanket, a pillow, a way of protecting your camera from sand on the beach … the possibilities are endless … and of course a scarf.

3. A memory stick or a hard drive - Most of us wouldn’t get on an aeroplane without our cameras but cameras are easily lost, stolen, dropped in the ocean. Get yourself a memory stick and back up your photos. Of course you can do this online but we all know about the pains of slow internet connections in hostels and if you don’t want to lose hours of your life, then a memory stick may be your answer. Genius. 

4. A pack of cards - We all become pretty dependent on our iPod for long journeys but nothing is worse when your battery dies and you are still delayed in the train station … a pack of cards does not have a battery. Plus it is a fantastic way to meet new friends … everyone all over the world loves to play cards (maybe avoid the train tracks though). 

5. A headphone splitter - Again with the looming 8 hour bus journey ahead of you and no battery on your iPod … with a headphone splitter you can share the love with somebody else’s music without them having to sacrifice an ear. 

6. Ear Plug’s - Hostel dorm rooms / night buses, I’m not sure any further explanation is required …

7. A local phrase book - Okay, so the chances are you won’t say it quite right and the locals might laugh a little but they will love you for trying and that is what is important right?

8. A note book - whether you are going to write a detailed account of everything that has happened that day or you just quickly want to write down the name of that town that you ‘simply have to visit’ it is always handy to have a good old pen and paper. 

9. Safety pins - What can’t be done without using a safety pin probably isn’t worth doing … well maybe not quite but they are pretty useful! I once saved a pair of sunglasses for a couple of weeks when I lost the pin from the arm … again not so fashionable but travel isn’t about fashion. Right?

10. A good book - for so many reasons. 1) Long Journeys. 2) People can see what you are reading and it is a good conversation starter. 3) You will never be so excited as when you see a book swap in a hostel with English books 4) You will read some books that you probably never would have picked up before - and you just might like it

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  • "Football coaching in India was awesome - from the day I arrived to the day I left. The people, especially the children, the culture, the food, were all great!! It was an experience that I will never forget!! If you have the opportunity travel and coach sport... especially in India....then just go for it! .... Sanj"
    Sanjay Thanki , Sports, India
  • "The experience I had in Ecuador was without doubt the greatest experience of my life so far. I would recommend the programme to anyone who has even the slightest interest in playing or coaching football."
    Craig Lawlor , Sports, Ecuador
  • "My time in Quito was amazing. I had a wonderful experience working with the kids, and partying in the Mariscal. My homestay was also fabulous and I made amazing friends with my other housemates and the family. I look forward to returning sometime soon."
    Francesca Ioffreda , Sports, Ecuador
  • "Overall it is such an enjoyable placement and very good for helping my German and communication skills. It’s really fun and everyone is really friendly. The kids are lovely and there’s never a dull moment!"
    Stephanie Memory , Teaching, Germany
  • "The experience of becoming a ski instructor was out of this world. The group bonded and we all met friends for life! The local people were the friendliest and most welcoming people I have ever come across."
    Phil Nolan , Sports, Canada
  • "The experience of becoming a ski instructor was out of this world. The group bonded and we all met friends for life! The local people were the friendliest and most welcoming people I have ever come across."
    Samantha Platt , Sports, Canada
  • "I am extremely passionate about this project and being a professional photographer, meant I could teach a wide range of skills to the kids".
    Remy Whiting , Art & Craft, South Africa
  • "Having the in-country contacts to work on my own photography stories was perfect. Thanks to all involved".
    James Burton , Art & Craft, South Africa
  • "This law internship gave me a unique perspective on law in Africa and has certainly widened my options within the law field".
    Andy Smith , Business & Law, Ghana
  • "Thanks to all the Ghana team for making this law internship happen for me. Such an amazing experience and Ghanaians are sooo friendly."
    Jemma Mansfield , Business & Law, Ghana
  • "It was so interesting working into the law sector in Ghana and getting this experience. Such a great way to spend my summer doing something totally different."
    Mark Fulton , Business & Law, Ghana
  • "Costa Rica is such a wonderful country and being able to help out on the care work project with the children was such a privilege."
    Lara Gillard , Care Work, Costa Rica
  • "The whole team in Costa Rica were awesome and really helped me make the most our of my time there both on the care work project and showing me the adventures of the country."
    Tom Smith , Care Work, Costa Rica
  • "This placement gave me the mix of helping young children and also experiencing a totally different culture. My Spanish has really improved too."
    Kiki Jones , Care Work, Costa Rica
  • "I am studying in animal welfare and this placement was perfect in getting real life experience relevant to my career".
    Gordon Bennell , Wildlife & Conservation, Costa Rica
  • "The whole experience was fantastic from the staff at the rescue centre, to Andy and his family. Thank you for looking after me so well."
    Ruth Eales , Wildlife & Conservation, Costa Rica
  • Fab way to start my week, our guide was awesome and gave us so many tips. Met an amazing group of people and the team in the office really help you sort your time out after you've finished the first week. Would really recommend to solo travellers.
    Emma Lowton , Adventure, New Zealand
  • On arrival, I felt as unprepared as can be, knowing no one, having no plans nor ideas of how to get along in New Zealand really. The in-country team did it all for me. Organise my trip. Booking it. Coming from experienced backpackers you know what's going on and getting to know awesome people from all around the world and maybe even some mates to travel with.
    Sean Neitzel , Adventure, New Zealand
  • Had the best time travelling around New Zealand. The team made it possible and can sort everything out for you with no problem. I would highly recommend them and will definitely be using them for my next adventure.
    Annie Frances Pritchard , Adventure, New Zealand
  • The opportunity to coach and nurture the next generation of sportsmen and women in Costa Rica was an opportunity that I couldn't give up, and I am so glad that I didn't! I had a great time and made some lifelong friends!
    Jack Johnston , Teaching, Costa Rica

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