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Work and Travel in Cairns

Australia Flag
Cairns, Australia
Work and Travel in Cairns
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Trip Code: AUPCR1
Duration: 2 Days
From £285 for 2 Days
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Atherton TablelandsBar Work in AusraliaBack-packing in Cairns

Fancy heading down under and experiencing life as a real Aussie worker? Find your feet with our Work and Travel in Cairns trip and set yourself up for a 12 month working adventure in one of the worlds most popular travel destinations!

What better way to get your working holiday up and running than with our Paid Work arrival package in the beautiful Cairns. With all you need to get your travels down under off to a flying start, whether you are looking to hang out and find yourself a job in Cairns or work as you travel round Oz, we will help you arrange everything you need to find work, from our expert CV review service and 12 months of job support, through to help setting up the boring stuff like your Australian bank account and tax file number!

Your Paid Work Arrival Package
Welcome to Cairns, the adventure capital of Australia! We will go out of our way to make sure you have a stress free first few days, kicking off with an arranged airport transfer back to one of our favourite hostels in Cairns. The airport shuttle will take you to the hostel door, where you will be staying for the next 2 nights, but we are sure you will love it and stay for longer! The hostel is stacked full of entertainment, with a rooftop terrace for all your sun-bathing needs, a fantastic BBQ, and an awesome bar/nightclub where you will meet loads of fellow Aussie adventurers.

A member of our in-house team will give you a jobs talk within your first few days, explaining what to expect from life as a travelling worker, and all the best places to visit during your time in the land down under! They will help you setup your Australian bank account and TFN (Tax File Number) so you can get the cash rolling in as soon as possible, as well as giving you a local SIM card for your phone. You will get set-up with an account with 12 months membership to the best back-packer job service in Australia, so no matter where you are in this epic country you will constantly be updated with new work opportunities, and have constant access to experienced consultants to help tweak your CV to give you the best chance of landing your dream job!

It’s not all work and no play, this is Australia, it is all about working hard and playing harder! As well as your 2 nights accommodation at your buzzing back-packer hostel in Cairns, we have also chucked in a trip to the Atherton Tablelands, where you will embark on an incredible waterfall tour, exploring the depths of the tropical rainforest! Expect to test your limits, as your secret adventure will get you sliding, diving and jumping down some stunning waterfalls!

Paid Work in Cairns
Australia is a land of opportunity for a working back-packer, and with the added help of our fantastic arrival pack you will soon find your feet and get into the Aussie swing of things. With a range of roles regularly available in from bar work, farm work, retail, and so much more there is no reason why you will not find your dream job on your gap year career break or student holiday.

Note: Please be aware that this is not a Group Trip, and is aimed towards individuals (or groups of friends) looking to get everything set up ready to find paid work quickly when they arrive in Australia.

Download the Australia Country Info Brochure - Click Here!

Quick Facts

Trip Name
Work and Travel in Cairns
Trip Code
Cairns Airport (Airport code: CNS)
Minimum Duration
2 Days
Minimum Age
Trip Type
Paid Work
From £285 for 2 Days
£ 95.00
Preferred Duration
Arrival Package includes 2 nights accommodation in a centrally located hostel in Cairns. Job support is available for 12 months from arrival in Australia.
The Australian Working Holiday Visa is only available for those who are age 18 - 30. Experience in a specific role is beneficial, however not required as you will be given job updates and CV assistance to help you find a suitable role.
Ideal for
Working Holiday in Australia; Paid Work Abroad; Working Abroad on Your Gap Year or Career Break; Paid Work Arrival Packs; Back-packer Recruitment in Australia.
• • •

Arrival Dates

Start dates are flexible. Please ask one of our friendly Travel Advisors for more info regarding arrivals.

British Nationals require a working holiday visa to work in Australia. You can check your visa requirements by visiting the Australian government website by clicking here.

• • •


2 nights accommodation in a centrally located back-packer hostel in Cairns. Hostel has all facilities available with shared bedrooms, communal kitchen, roof terrace, BBQ and bar.
Airport Transfer
We will provide you with an arrival transfer from Cairns airport. Available on your arrival date.
Bank Account
We will set you up with an Australian bank account to get you started.
TFN (Tax File Number)
All workers in Australia require a TFN to get paid and pay relevant taxes. We will help you with the tax registration process.
SIM Card
You will be provided with an Australian SIM card when you arrive at your hostel.
CV Assistance
You will receive expert advice to help you build up your CV from our dedicated in-country team.
Job Support
You will receive 12 months of job support with a membership to one of Australia’s top back-packer recruitment services.
Postal Forwarding
Our in-country team will provide you with a postal address for tax purposes, as well as an address for your family and friends contact you by post.
You will have access to a dedicated in-country team, as well as 24 hour emergency support from our UK based team.
You will also get an open ticket for a tour of the Atherton Tablelands rainforest and waterfalls.
Equipment and Medical Discounts
Changing Worlds customers will receive 10% off Travel Equipment, Medical Supplies and Vaccinations from Nomad Travel Store.
• • •

Not Included

Flights; Travel and Health Insurance; Working Holiday Visa; Vaccinations (if required); Accommodation after included nights; Food; Guaranteed Job (subject to CV and interview process); Transport; In-country Travel; Social Costs.
• • •

12-Month Job Service 
During your time in Australia you will have a membership to the Back-packer Recruitment Service, a leading job network for travellers in Australia. Through your online account and email notifications you will find hundreds of jobs available right across Australia, with new jobs added to the network on a daily basis, so you can work as you travel and travel as you work. Benefits of this service include: 

• Access to an extensive online database of jobs all over Australia in a range of industries.
• Sign up to receive daily email updates regarding your job applications and job matches.
• Make use of the expert CV/Resume service, to create an online CV and apply for jobs directly through the website.

CV/Resume Review Service
When finding a new job, or hunting for your dream job, an impressive CV/Resume that stands out from the crowd will greatly improve your chances of finding employment quickly. You will have access to a team of Job Consultants who will be available to review your CV/Resume and give feedback providing you with the top tips for ways to improve this vital element of gaining employment down under.

12-Months Mail Service
Every travelling worker in Australia will need to set-up a fixed mailing/postal address. Not only is this a great way for your family and friends to have a point of contact for your while you are on your travels in Oz, a fixed address is a requirements when setting up your bank account, TFN (Tax File Number) and your medical care.

Our in-country Mail Holding Service provides a secure fixed mailing/postal address for the duration of your working holiday in Australia. You will have access to your mail at anytime through your online account, where details of any mail/post will be uploaded to a secure server for you to view and keep track of. 

Australian Bank Account
Before you start your journey to Australia we will have already set-up your Aussie bank account. You will receive and Email from your new Australian bank (Commonwealth Bank) before your start your working adventure with your account details, giving you the chance to transfer some funds into the account before you arrive. Easy as that!

Upon arrival in Australia you will be supplied with your ATM card for your account (or directed to the closest branch to pick it up), so you can start using the account straight away. Your account will be a CBA Smart e-Access Account, which has a nominal usage fee of just AUD $4 per month, giving you unlimited transactions and telephone banking. Commonwealth Bank has the largest ATM network in Australia, so you will never be too far from an ATM.

Tax File Number (TFN)
During your arrival meeting with a member of the in-country staff, you will be shown how to apply for your TFN (Tax File Number), so that you will be able to work straight away when you arrive in Oz. Although it takes around 2 weeks for your TFN to be issued and sent back to you (it will be available in your online Mail Service Account) you can still legally work during these 2 weeks.

Mobile Phone SIM Card
During your arrival meeting with a member of the in-country staff, you will be talked through a range of pre-paid / pay as you go plans to get your mobile phone up and running in Australia. Once you have settled on a suitable plan for your usage, you can activate the service instantly!

Tax Refund and Superannuation Advice
Our in-country team will be on hand throughout your 12 months of work in Australia to answer any questions you have about the taxation process, and they will even lend a helping hand so you can claim your tax refund back after working in Australia, and also help you claim your Superannuation after leaving the country at the end of your trip.

Australia Working Visa
If you are aged 18 - 30 yrs (not turned 31 years young yet) and you want to live and work in Australia, then you will need to apply for a 12 month Australian Working Holiday Visa.

It is extremely important that you are eligible to apply for the visa before applying for any of our Paid Work trips in Australia, as failure to meet the requirements will lead to you not being able to work and travel in Australia!

Please ensure you comply with our Eligibility Requirements listed below as they are very important for the success of your application. 

Eligibility Requirements / you must:
• Not have previously entered Australia on a Working Holiday Visa before. 
• Be 18 years - 30 years & 11 months old. 
• Have a passport valid at the time of application, issued by one of the following countries: United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Republic of Korea, Sweden, Taiwan.
• Not have any dependants (e.g. children) – applicants with children may be eligible, but they cannot be accompanied by dependants at any time during their stay in Australia, and they will need to submit a paper-based application to DIBP.
• Have sufficient funds available for a return ticket and to cover their stay in Australia.
• If you have a one way ticket, you will require AU$5,000 plus additional funds to cover a return ticket. Alternatively, if you have a return ticket, you will require AU$5,000. You may be asked to provide evidence of this in the form of a recent bank statement. 
• Have over 6 months validity on your passport after your proposed return date to the UK.
If any of the items above are not met, then unfortunately, you are not eligible for the visa.

Extra documents are required e.g. X-rays, court records, proof of employment etc., if you:
• Intend to work in an Australian hospital, school (children under 5) or childcare centre.
• Have any criminal convictions including ones which have been removed from records or have received official police cautions
• Have, in the last 5 years, visited or lived outside your country of residence for more than 3 consecutive months.
• Have had tuberculosis or been in close contact to tuberculosis or have other serious medical issues, such as diabetes, schizophrenia or conditions requiring regular medication.

If any of the 'Eligibility Requirements' in the 'Eligibility Requirements/You must' section are not met, then unfortunately you are not eligible for the working holiday visa.

Australia Map

It’s easy to see why Australia tops the charts as the most popular tourist and gap year destinations in the world; it’s history, culture and outstanding landscapes make the country a unique land to explore and discover. Australia’s fascinating history dates back 50,000 years when the first Aboriginal settlers arrived bringing with them a rich living culture and a longstanding history of diverse arts, dance, music and myths and continues to draw in the more nomadically inclined of us.

These days Australia is a unique blend of established traditions and new influences and has become a melting pot of art, cuisine, architecture and fashion, due to the settlers travelling from fruitful locations across the world. 

Quick Facts
Commonwealth of Australia
Bordering Countries
Australia does not have any bordering countries
Capital City
Federal monarchy, Constitutional monarchy, Parliamentary system
23 million
Australian Dollar (AUD)
Commonwealth of Australia
12.5% of the population live below the poverty line
Main Exports
Coal, Iron ores, Tin ores, Wool, Beef, Barley, Raw sugar.
Varies from the tropical northern regions, to the temperate climate of the southern regions.
Time Zone
GMT +8/11 - Australia covers multiple time zones.
Australia Flag

Fun Facts
• More than 80 percent of Australians live within 100 kilometres of the coast
• Australia contains 16 world heritage listed sites including historic townships, cities and landscapes
• Canberra was selected as the capital because Sydney and Melbourne could not stop arguing which city should be the capital of Australia

Travel Highlights
• Star-gazing at the beautiful and peaceful Ayres Rock (Uluru)
• Take a trip to the Sydney Opera House
• Ride on the southern hemisphere’s steepest train in the Blue Mountains
• Experience the amazing landscape of Frazer Island
• Swim with turtles and try to find Nemo while snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef 

Australia Australia Australia

Where is Australia?
The sixth largest country in the world, Australia comprises of the mainland of the Australian continent and numerous smaller islands all situated in the Southern Hemisphere. Located just to the south of Southeast Asia, and dividing the Indian and South Pacific Oceans Australia’s neighbouring countries include Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and New Zealand.

Australia’s Climate
Australia experiences temperate weather for most of the year but the climate can vary throughout the country due to it’s size. Northern areas of the country are typically warm throughout the year with southern areas experiencing cooler winters. As with all countries in the Southern hemisphere, Australia’s seasons are opposite to those in the Northern hemisphere, so it’s summer falls between December to February is summer, March to May is Autumn, June to August is winter, and September to November is spring. It is also one of the driest continents on earth with an average annual rainfall of less than 600 millimetres.

Language in Australia
Although Australia has no official language, it is largely monolingual with English being the most widely spoken, however Australian English has a distinctive vocabulary and accent and differs from English in spelling and grammar. The next most common languages are Mandarin and Italian.  Prior to the arrival of the Europeans in the 17th century around 400 different languages existed amongst the Aboriginals.

The People of Australia
The people of Australia are recognised worldwide for their chilled out nature, welcoming attitude and positive outlook on life. With a mix of indigenous cultural traditions and a rich mosaic of migrant cultures the people of Australia are as varied as it’s landscapes. The country's original inhabitants were the Aboriginals who are the custodians of one of the worlds oldest continuing cultural traditions and have lived in Australia for 50,000 years. There is a great diversity among different Indigenous communities and each encompasses its own mixture of cultures, customs and languages. Some of these communities strive to protect their traditions and way of life by living in rural Australia, typically practising and selling aboriginal art, such as paintings, beadwork, woodwork, bark paintings and paintings in order to make a living, however many have now chosen to integrate into Australia’s modern society and live in the major cities.

Infact more than 75% of Australians live a cosmopolitan lifestyle, mostly inhabiting the major capital cities along the coast, which are renowned for their lively arts scene, including film, art, theatre and music. When you think of music in Australia the first thing that springs to mind is the iconic didgeridoo, developed by indigenous Australians around 1500 years ago. Music forms an integral part of the social, cultural and ceremonial observances of these people and the didgeridoo has played a large part in this history. These days there is a thriving modern music scene in Australia, from folk to hip hop and rock to pop there is something to suit all tastes and you are sure to stumble across a great club night or one of it’s many music festivals during your stay.
Travelling in Australia
There is plenty to keep you busy in Australia and whether you are an adventure seeker, city slicker or wildlife enthusiast you are sure to never get bored! If you fancy pushing your endurance you could explore the famous Blue Mountains on the Six Foot Track, tackle the Australian bush, hike Tasmania's overland track, or snowboard down the pristine winter slopes. Make sure you check out the world famous Great Barrier Reef where you can swim, snorkel, dive and sail through one of the most fascinating nature spots on earth. Gain a deeper understanding of Australia's rich cultural history as you explore the Northern Territory and walk the base of Uluru at the Red Centre. Browse Aboriginal art in Alice Springs and learn about traditional Dreamtime myths in Kakadu national park where you will also find a huge array of rainforests, wildlife and beautiful waterfalls. Choose from skiing down the snow covered mountains, discovering the fascinating coral reefs, exploring the vast deserts or surfing the sparkling clear waters.

Gap Year and Career Break Travel in Australia
Australia is jam packed with adventure activities, beautiful landscapes and thriving cities that is perfect for explorers and travellers alike. Make sure you make the most of your gap year or career break abroad where you are guaranteed a good time in one of the worlds most popular and sought after destinations.

When you chose to further your career and give your CV that added boost by taking on a paid work, internship or work experience placement overseas, the costs incurred go towards setting up the placement, and giving you a great environment to live in for the duration of your time overseas. Your money goes on many benefits around your placement, to make sure you have the best experience possible.
Placement Assessment
Before you see a trip on our website, a lot of background work has gone on. We have met with local organisations, vetted in-country staff, conducted rigorous safety assessments and thoroughly evaluated the benefits of the placement, both for you and the organisation and community. Only then do you get to see the placement on our website and book or apply for your place, safe in the knowledge that it is well-structured and beneficial to your career development.
Help Choosing Your Trip
If you are not sure which placement or country to choose, our hugely informative Travel Advisors are here to help. They are a friendly bunch, have all travelled extensively and can offer lots of advice on choosing the right placement for you. This makes the task of deciding to work in a foreign country much less intimidating, and far more exciting.
Pre-departure Advice
Once you have booked your placement, you will be assigned a dedicated Travel Advisor to offer essential pre-departure advice on vaccinations, visas, kit lists and more. They will also be on call to answer those important last minute questions like “how many pairs of socks do I need?” and “can I take my mobile phone with me?”
Help with Flights and Insurance
We do not include flights and travel insurance in our placement fee. This avoids us having to pass on unnecessary admin charges to you. It also gives you flexibility to plan any further travel before or after your placement. We do, however, offer lots of help on this through our leading flights and insurance partners, providing you with an easy booking facility and the best prices around.
Airport Transfer
Landing in a foreign country for the first time can be daunting. This is why we ensure we arrange an arrival transfer for you and give you all the relevant instructions so everything is very straight forward. 

Arrival Orientation
We will take you through a local orientation and placement induction on arrival. This will introduce you to any useful amenities and local customs, and it will also show you how to stay safe while working abroad. Our team also have lots of handy travel tips and advice if you are thinking of exploring the country in your spare time.

On arrival in Australia we will provide you with your first 2 nights accommodation, and may even chuck in a few extra nights else where so you can get travelling straight away. 
In-Country Staff
Your safety and enjoyment is extremely important to us. That’s why we have dedicated in-country teams to look after you throughout your placement. Our staff members can be reached 24-hours a day and will check-in with you throughout your placement to ensure everything is running smoothly, and you are happy in your new working environment.
24-Hour Emergency Support
In addition to our in-country staff, you will benefit from our international support network. You will be given emergency contact details before you leave which you can call in the event of a crisis. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Recruitment of More Workers
In order to provide a reliable flow of workers to our placements overseas, we have to spend a chunk of money on recruiting people like you. It costs to maintain a website, an office, phone lines and a team of dedicated Travel Advisors to answer all your questions!
Air Travel Flights Travel

There are quite a few things to consider and to organise before you travel to your chosen destination to take part in your trip or tour with us.

Flights and Insurance
Flights and insurance are not included on your placement which means you will have to arrange them before you leave. But don't panic, this is simpler than you may think! To make life much easier for you, we offer a free, personal booking service through our chosen flights and insurance partner – StudentUniverse, part of Flight Centre. They will guide you every step of the way.

Please only use this service here and do not go into one of their branches as this can complicate things for us.

Browse or book flights using our search engine. Click here to access it.

Alternatively you can call them on 0333 333 9890 and mention you are considering or are going away with Changing Worlds and let them do the hard work. They will also be able to provide you with adequate travel insurance.

Travelling after your trip with us? Need a round-the-world ticket? Not a problem... just discuss this with them too.

Why are flights not included?
By not including flights in our trips and tours, it avoids us having to pass on unnecessary admin charges to you. This keeps the cost of your trip lower and also means you have the freedom to search around for the lowest fares and most flexible tickets that fit your travel plans. It also means you can benefit from the expertise of our preferred partner.

What happens when flights and insurance are booked?
When you book any trip with us, you will gain access to our online Travel Centre, personalised for you. In here you will have all the information about your trip and how to plan for it, including the contact details for our in-country team and address you will be staying at.

There are also some forms we need you to complete before you depart, covering areas like your dietary requirements, next-of-kin, medical information, flight arrivals details and more.

Do I really need travel insurance?
We take the safety of our travellers very seriously. You must therefore book adequate travel insurance before you come away with us – you simply won’t be able to participate in your trip or tour if you don’t. Although policies vary, your insurance must include emergency medical expenses, personal accident cover, and repatriation. We also recommend that you book baggage, personal liability and cancellation cover.

Some of the countries where we work will require you to have a visa. We provide guidance for this against the Trip Summary tab so you can check whether your nationality requires it. If a visa is required we will provide a letter of invitation, if the embassy requests this, as well as all the relevant information you will need to complete the visa application process. This information is provided after you book with us. With all visa applications it is important that you have sufficient space available in your passport for the relevant visas required for your travels, and that your passport is valid for at least six months after your planned date of return.

Please note we have no control over the issuing of visas and this is at the embassies discretion. We will help wherever possible though.

At least 6 – 8 weeks before your chosen travel date you should visit your local GP or Nomad Travel Clinic to discuss your vaccination and medication requirements. Your medical professional will be able to advise you of any recommended and required vaccinations for your chosen destination(s).You should inform your doctor of all of your destination countries, and what activities you plan on doing, and in which regions you plan to stay while you are there, as different regions and activities have different health risks in some countries.

Some destination countries will require you to produce a certificate of vaccination in order to enter the country, so be sure that you understand any vaccination requirements for your chosen destination, so that you do not have any issues when passing through customs.

Above all you should make sure you are well prepared for your travels, so that you have the best experience possible whilst overseas!

Speak To Us
If you have any questions or would like some more information, simply contact one of our friendly Travel Advisors. You can give us a call, request a call back or drop us an email and they will be able to answer any questions you might have.

Book Your Place
Once you have decided to travel with us, you can secure your place by paying a small deposit. You will then be able to pay the rest of your placement fee in easy-to-manage instalments.

Welcome Pack
Once we have received your deposit, we will send you a welcome email confirming your booking. This will contain your personal login details for your Travel Centre – an online account full of useful information about your destination, you chosen project and all the things you need to do before you depart.

Personal Information
We will ask you to provide some key information to help us create the best overseas experience for you, such as medical and dietary requirements, any previous language lessons you have done, and what you’re hoping to get out of your time abroad. We may also ask you to complete a police background check.

Flights and Insurance
You will need to book your flights and travel insurance before you leave, and then provide us with these details. We do not include flights and insurance in the project fee (to avoid passing on extra admin costs to you) but our partners will help you find the best options around.

Next you will need to get your visa for your trip. British citizens do not require visas unless they are planning to work before or after the course, in which case a Working Holiday Visa will be required. We will also provide you with lots of information to make obtaining your visa very straightforward.
Final Payment
We will ask you for your final payment 90 days before your scheduled departure date. Once paid, you will be ready to pack your bags, grab your passport and get on the plane!
1) What is the minimum age restriction?
You will need to obtain a Working Holiday Visa to take part in this trip. One of the requirements for the WHV is that travellers are 18-30 years old. Therefore you will need to be at least 18 years old to take part in this trip.

2) What type of jobs can I find and how much can I earn?
As part of your trip fee we will sign you up to a 12 month membership to the best back-packer job service in Australia. The jobs database advertises thousands of jobs at a time, so there are some amazing opportunities out there for you! You can expect job listings in the following areas:

Admin / Office 
Accounting / Finance
Au-Pair / Childcare
Bar Staff / Hospitality 
Call Centre / Telemarketing
Engineering / Mechanic
Farm / Ranch worker
Hairdressing / Beauty Therapy
IT / Web 
Manual Labour 
Marketing / Media
Nursing / Health Care 
Retail / Customer Service
Sales / Fundraising
Teaching / Sports Coaching
Travel / Tourism 

The type of jobs you receive offers for will depend on your relevant experience and your CV. Wages / Earnings will vary depending on the job you find. Average wages in Australia are approx. £10 - £15 per hour.

3) Will I pay tax?
When you arrive in Australia we will set you up with a Tax File Number so that you will pay tax on your earnings. However, as you are working on a Working Holiday Visa in Oz, when you return home or leave Australia, you will be able to claim your tax re bate and superannuation refund on your earnings during your time down under. This can equate to up to £1500 depending on how much you have worked in Australia.

4) Do I have to stay for 12 months?
No, you do not have to stay for the full 12 months. We offer job support, and other awesome benefits for 12 months if you plan to stay this long, but if you want to stay in Oz for less time than this is not a problem. If you want to stay for longer than 12 months then there are ways of extending your visa. The most common way is gaining employment that qualifies you for a visa extension. In order to gain a visa extension to 24 months you will need a minimum of 3 months experience working on a ranch or farm.

5) Are meals included in this trip? 
Meals are not included during your intro days. Your hostel accommodation has a fully functional kitchen for preparing your own meals, as well as being located in the heart of city, so you will have access to a wide range of cuisines at some amazing restaurants. 

6) What accommodation is provided?
Accommodation is provided for your first 2 nights from your trip start date. Accommodation provided has all facilities available with shared dorm style bedrooms (4 – 8 per room). Your hostel has it’s own incredible back-packer bar for meeting a wide range of travellers, fully functional kitchen and communal lounge areas.

• Are there laundry facilities available at the accommodation?
Laundry facilities are available at your hostel. Coin-operated washing machines and tumble dryers are available for laundry.

• Can I make international calls and use the internet at the accommodation?
Being situated in the heart of city, you will be in close vicinity to a range of shops and internet cafes where you will be able to purchase international phone cards and make use of internet. The hostel will also have it’s own WiFi internet connection available at a fee. You will be provided with a local SIM card during your induction session, so we recommend taking an unlocked phone so you can get up and running with your Aussie number straight away.

• Can I book a private room? 
Please contact us for details if you wish to book a private room.

• Can I book extra nights? 
Yes, you can book extra nights at your hostel accommodation for before and/or after your intro. If you are arriving a few days early, we can arrange your accommodation in advance. Please take a look at our Add-ons tab for more info.

7) Do I have to stay in my chosen destination city? 
No, you do not have to stay in your chosen destination city after your intro. Our jobs database will show jobs listings from all areas of Australia so you can really work as you travel!

There are different options available to you for when you finish your intro. If you plan to stay in a shared house, you can expect to pay anywhere between £100 - £150 rent per week, with a minimum commitment / contract of 3 months. Please be aware some areas of Australia, such as Sydney, are more popular so rent can be more expensive. 

Another option would be to continue staying at hostels while you work, which gives much more flexibility. Paying up front at a hostel can discounted and work out at approx. £150 - £180 per week.

8) What Activities take place throughout the day?
We will always chuck in some added extras to help you settle in and meet other travellers. Please take a look at the trip details and included section on the Trip Summary tabe for more infor about Extras. 

9) What experience do I need?
You do not need any experience to take part in this trip, however your job search will need to be relevant to your work experiences. 

10) What support will I receive in country?
You will receive an amazing range of support services whilst you are in Australia, including assistance with you CV, to make it top notch, job search support, so you are applying for the right jobs, help with setting up you Aussie bank account, help with arranging your Tax File Number, assistance setting up your Medicare, a Postal Forwarding service so you have a contact address for family, friends and tax purposes, and you will have access to our 24 hours emergency service based in the UK!

11) When can I arrive? 
Arrivals should be either early on your trip start date or we suggest booking an extra night in your hostel and arriving the day before your trip start date. We will arrange your airport transfer on arrival, and will email your transfer voucher before you set off on your working holiday adventure!

12) Is transport included?
Your arrival transfer from the airport is included, however independent travel around Australia during your working holiday is not included.

13) Will I need a Visa?
Yes, you will need to apply for a Working Holiday Visa before you set off on your trip. This application usually takes around 48 hours to complete. When you book your trip, our flights desk will give you a call to help you arrange all aspects of your trip, including your flights, insurance and your Working Holiday Visa. For more info about Working Holiday Visa requirements and eligibility, please take a look here: Working Holiday Visas

14) Will I need vaccinations?
You do not need any specific vaccinations for a trip to Australia, however you will need to contact your local Travel Nurse or GP to discuss your personal vaccination history. Please also consider that you may require specific vaccinations if you are travelling to other countries before or after your trip to Australia.

15) What is the climate like in Australia
As with all countries in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia’s seasons are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere, with December to February being the height of summer, March to May is Autumn, June to August is Winter, and September to November is Spring. Northern regions of Australia receive warm weather throughout the year, with the southern areas fluctuating between seasons. 
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Nomad Travel has been kitting out travellers for a wide range of trips since 1990. 

Specialising in kit that can take you off the beaten track, Nomad ensure that you leave fully prepared for your trip. With large ranges in-store and online including clothing, rucksacks, footwear and a lot more as well as a team of travel experts to help you select your gear, Nomad are the one stop shop for all your travel needs. 

In addition Nomad have been providing travel health advice to thousands of people to ensure they leave prepared health-wise for their trip. As well as general advice about your destination, vaccinations and information about anti-malaria options, you will also be able to discuss any health issues you might be worried about when travelling abroad.

Changing Worlds have teamed up with Nomad Travel Stores to offer great deals on a whole range of equipment and clothing.

By quoting 'CW1000' you will be entitled to a 10% discount on travel gear and vaccinations, both online and in-store.

Visit their website to take advantage of this great offer and service here: www.nomadtravel.co.uk 



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  • "The experience of becoming a ski instructor was out of this world. The group bonded and we all met friends for life! The local people were the friendliest and most welcoming people I have ever come across."
    Samantha Platt , Sports, Canada
  • "I am extremely passionate about this project and being a professional photographer, meant I could teach a wide range of skills to the kids".
    Remy Whiting , Art & Craft, South Africa
  • "Having the in-country contacts to work on my own photography stories was perfect. Thanks to all involved".
    James Burton , Art & Craft, South Africa
  • "This law internship gave me a unique perspective on law in Africa and has certainly widened my options within the law field".
    Andy Smith , Business & Law, Ghana
  • "Thanks to all the Ghana team for making this law internship happen for me. Such an amazing experience and Ghanaians are sooo friendly."
    Jemma Mansfield , Business & Law, Ghana
  • "It was so interesting working into the law sector in Ghana and getting this experience. Such a great way to spend my summer doing something totally different."
    Mark Fulton , Business & Law, Ghana
  • "Costa Rica is such a wonderful country and being able to help out on the care work project with the children was such a privilege."
    Lara Gillard , Care Work, Costa Rica
  • "The whole team in Costa Rica were awesome and really helped me make the most our of my time there both on the care work project and showing me the adventures of the country."
    Tom Smith , Care Work, Costa Rica
  • "This placement gave me the mix of helping young children and also experiencing a totally different culture. My Spanish has really improved too."
    Kiki Jones , Care Work, Costa Rica
  • "I am studying in animal welfare and this placement was perfect in getting real life experience relevant to my career".
    Gordon Bennell , Wildlife & Conservation, Costa Rica
  • "The whole experience was fantastic from the staff at the rescue centre, to Andy and his family. Thank you for looking after me so well."
    Ruth Eales , Wildlife & Conservation, Costa Rica
  • Fab way to start my week, our guide was awesome and gave us so many tips. Met an amazing group of people and the team in the office really help you sort your time out after you've finished the first week. Would really recommend to solo travellers.
    Emma Lowton , Adventure, New Zealand
  • On arrival, I felt as unprepared as can be, knowing no one, having no plans nor ideas of how to get along in New Zealand really. The in-country team did it all for me. Organise my trip. Booking it. Coming from experienced backpackers you know what's going on and getting to know awesome people from all around the world and maybe even some mates to travel with.
    Sean Neitzel , Adventure, New Zealand
  • Had the best time travelling around New Zealand. The team made it possible and can sort everything out for you with no problem. I would highly recommend them and will definitely be using them for my next adventure.
    Annie Frances Pritchard , Adventure, New Zealand
  • The opportunity to coach and nurture the next generation of sportsmen and women in Costa Rica was an opportunity that I couldn't give up, and I am so glad that I didn't! I had a great time and made some lifelong friends!
    Jack Johnston , Teaching, Costa Rica
  • I had a such an inspiring and life changing experience coaching in Costa Rica. The kids had such an appetite for coaching and their enthusiasm was infectious. My fellow coaches and I worked well as a team and I developed some truly great friends as a result.
    Charlie Blaken , Teaching, Costa Rica
  • What a Blast! I can honestly say that I could not have had a better time in Costa Rica as I did. Everyone was so friendly, helpful and up for a laugh, all making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Would definitely recommend this trip to anyone, and might even come back at some point in the near future!
    Danny McVey , Teaching, Costa Rica
  • I had a really great time in Costa Rica, honing my Spanish linguistic skills, and I really improved over the 2 weeks that I spent out there. I would like to thank all of the in-country staff for all the effort they put in, it was an intense and thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience.
    Lewis Worthington , Languages, Costa Rica
  • This has been by far the most rewarding holiday I have been on. I'll be the first to admit that the idea of an educational holiday didn't at first appeal to me, but the improvements I made in the four weeks I spent out there means that my confidence in my Spanish has improved immensely.
    Charlie Jones , Languages, Costa Rica
  • Costa Rica is not only a truly stunning country with welcoming, hospitable people, but it is also where I conquered my 'phobia' of speaking Spanish, and for this I am incredibly grateful. Such a rewarding and exhilarating experience in a wonderful country.
    Max Foster , Languages, Costa Rica

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